Fine Fettle Cattle

Raising high quality grass-fed and finished beef in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
Grass-finished Beef​​
Our Angus-cross cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.  The Beef we sell never recieves any artificial horomones, antibiotics, or grain. OUr cattle graze at approximately 8,000 feet elevation in lush meadows.  We ranch in sync with Nature, ensuring that our calves are born on green grass, in June and July, when the mountain temperature is the most ideal.   Our goal is to raise our cattle with as little stress as possible, thus preventing sickness and health problems.      
About us
Fine Fettle Cattle is owned and operated by Davie and Julie Stoltzfus and their five children: Slade, Chelise, Bennett, Mia and Tate. 
  Davie and Julie are passionate about God, their family, raising quality cattle with a more holistic approach, and their Border Collie dogs,